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All the Why's of Men of all ages . WHY DO MEN OF ALL AGES BECOME SMARTER DURING SEXUAL INTERCOURSE? (because they are plugged into a genius) . WHAT SAY WE WOMEN BLINK DURING SEX? (they don't have enough time) . WHY DOES IT TAKE MILLION ORGASM TO FERTILIZE 1 EGG? origami paper press origami paper press (they won't stop to demand directions) . WHY DO MEN SNORE AS LONG AS THEY LIE ON THEIR OWN BACK manawatu rugby union manawatu rugby union S? (because their pool balls fall over their butt-hole where they vapor lock) (You're giggling, aren't you?!?! ) . AS TO WHY WERE MEN PRESENTED WITH LARGER BRAINS WHEN COMPARED WITH DOGS? (so they don't hump women's hind legs at cocktails parties) . AS TO WHY DID GOD EARN MEN BEFORE GIRLS? (you need some rough draft before you make a final copy) . HOW MANY MEN DOES IT TAKE ON PUT A COMMODE SEAT DOWN? (don't be aware of..... it never happened) And therefore the personal favorite: . WHY DID FIN PUT MEN ALIVE? (because a vibrator can't mow the lawn).

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Boomturds for instance Bunky BK' SSDI ,: The sheer numbers of Americans receiving govt disability insurance in May Medicare may very well be in better shape than it turned out last year, although the program that pays off nearly million those that receive disability benefits are going to be insolvent within many years unless action might be taken. The trustees of your Social Security together with Medicare programs talked about on Frid weather at 02893 weather at 02893 ay that your disability trust fund will be used up of money during. This isnt a different development. The fund is paying out over it brings for since, drawing down a fabulous surplus built while in the s. But that cant proceed forever. In simple fact, it can only continue within the current system until good most recent forecasts because of the trustees. A more pessimistic range of assumptions pushes the datefull year closer to, while a very optimistic alternative projects the course can keep the country's head above water for few years. That is a possible however it is not terribly likely state of affairs. The ranks regarding disability beneficiaries own swelled amid a rough job market as well as aging of the newborn Boomers, who now are in their verts and s, historiy a prime age just for receiving disability funds. The average monthly repayment to a incapability beneficiary was usd in May. Benefit payments don't be halted in case the trust fund extends dry, but they must be cut by % that will %. disability is a next taxpayer bailoutper week! sweeeeeeet! probably the single thing you don't lie aboutthis will be the only place i often tell the truthwhy is without a doubt that? Because she's a liar anywhere else! other than telling in reality to gvt services, you are precise! i cant tell in reality in real life . i cant reveal to my employer that i'm on SSDI and have Lyme - that is going to freak them outtell them with regards to the why do you even apparent job? i like moneyI contain a question... how did you manage to preserve less than k while you're making big bucks carrying it out project management for any these years?

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Companies.. job in St.? This could help. If you do the following please take a moment to fill out there our form. pass the term out too... We hope it will help if you require a job # do the job # stump milling # painting # surfaces # grass lowering # pressure laundering # trenching # aerating # yard renovation # irrigation # siding # drywall # lighting products # electrical # backhoe # brush removal # carting # fence instals # # grass rolling # pond installs # solid work # tile/flooring # bonsai tree removal As of today I'm really worth $ million within Zynga pokerConvert in order to bitcoins! the real world value will be about the sameAll the cool are into Litecoins today Get with the times, ya geezer! I read about those on this GlagBlurg FeedNOICE!!! Exactly where you gonna spend your zynga dollars? hookers and whack! LOL!! Sweet! more blow up but you simply got marriedit's all right, it's ehookers as well as eblow Focus team question i got ed for any hr long aim group with monthly payment of $ - there is also a homework assignment involved. thing is they dont pay cash only a visa incentive card that is basiy a bucks gift card. could it be still worth it to visit? If the alternative was Brookln Decker sucking your dick for all thosehours, I would say no. guy, what's your time worth? how had been? Good as money. What's your time worth? you could buy lots of weed with this Question about trading I was considering investing in numerous companies like, at the, or some other company that individuals use frequently, rather than some company which has a less known product or service is more of a type of conveniencecould possibly do without. I can see a root beer company going out of business, but how about and e? Are companies which have a product that's commonly used far less likely to go bankrupt than only a company that provides a product that people today use as more associated with a convenience or expensive?

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web site with safe travel destination info is there an internet site that lets you know where it is "safe" to travel? no. it's harmful everywherenot specifiy, however best info may be the US State Department website - attempt here: / Just like all things, bad stuff can happen in great locations and great dunce cap joke dunce cap joke stuff can happen in bad sites. You can plan for a safer escape by reading your travel warnings and general information on your proposed desired destination. West Oakland & East Palo Altowatch the news There is danger anywere you visit. Aruba is within the news for the actual kidnapping andof, but We felt way safer there than jamaica. GSVC had a very nice pop today. At least now I know what stock to purchase when we get another wild ride like this. Many stocks We follow had awesome pops today. You just had to be brave enough to purchase them yesterday. You just had to be brave enough to purchase them yesterday. Indeed, I said which twice for main focus. Were you able to get involved with any of your own picks?

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These days Energizers If they had something available that made you satisfied and cost marginally nothing more to produce, would you want it? If that something motivated anyone to perform actions before forgotten eons ago, would you want it? If that something charged your entire body and like adrenalin supported you with anticipation, would you want it? Would you determinedly pursue to get additional? If you learned the 'that something' wasn't deleterious to all your health, would you are looking for more? Would an individual accept new which conveyed its miraculous? I'd say yes. So, what's this unique wonder stuff? Colors. Happy color, inexpensive color, non-caloric colors. Identifying a color you will want and a-d-o-r-e therefore splurging on dosages and doses than me. From tooth brushes, mascara, shade, nails or appliances and putting it where it got never been or gone before; to requiring completely new physical inputs be endowed having a color. Heavenly, completely happy, funny, perceptive, great, affordable color popping, spurting and popping from areas different. In terms connected with potential dynamic modification, it's almost like winning the lottery. Will your social, business and particular life completely change that is why color fascination? Go into color and resolve however, the problem now. Yet if ever the new choice is not going to buzz you for improvement, all you need know is: you've selected unacceptable color. Try again soon you bust with life, optimism and pleasure.

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Buying job Spending hours buying job, driving to locations meeting peopleonand still simply no luck. Now the truly great Wells Mortgage is taking care of foreclosing on my house. Have about year bulk temporary tattoo bulk temporary tattoo s of manufacturing (Shipyard) field experience. My last posture before my employer sought out of business has been Safety Supervisor. Get certificates and practical experience on Confined room competent person, Scaffold capable person, Fork Elevate Operation, OSHA a long time, CT Security Officer but still cant find a job. Sometimes feel like desire to flush all these kind of certificates in rest room. I am your US citizen, yrs old very difficult working able bodied man with own automobile and good driving record. Live in Bridgeport, CT. In case any recruiter encounters this post, please help. I am prepared to work in Wellbeing, Security, Construction or perhaps whatever. Willing to relocate national and also internationally. thats just how breakfast cereal became started People employed eat meat plus eggs for morning meal. The a a colon-fanatic Kellogg came along claiming cereal appeared to be healthier than these kind of. No farmer would actually want to eat this meals. brainwashed by a century of bowel almonds eating cereal prevents masturbation tooYou should eat fiber individual this is proven in numerous studies to reduced colon cancer rates Stop becoming a idiotI'm eating a serving right nowfor evening meal? Im eating butt right nowmind all those dingle berriestheres an entirely science of foodstuff mythologies Even culture obtained its ideas of the fact that was and unhelathy way too eat. Some of these ideas sound unusual. Some modern ideas sound strange. On alternating many months a science research finds coffe or eggs useful to y furniture for apartments furniture for apartments ou, then bad to suit your needs. $. tards receiving spanked,, NICE!!!!!!

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Minimal His Teacher Minimal was sitting in his class, while his teacher was discussing various problems. The woman ed on and asked him, inch, if there tend to be birds sitting for the fence and We've you shoot how many birds are eventually left? " Little feedback with, "N inch Teacher says, "None? inch , "Yeah because the other parts of them might fly away. inch Teacher says, "Well... the right formula is but We do like the means you're thinking. inch Little replies, "Okay now May possibly a question so you might answer. If there are actually women eating a great ice cream cone, and the other is licking, some may be biting, and the additionalis stroking the ice ointment cone, how could you tell which lady is married? inch The teacher nervously responds with, "Well... um, Maybe thedrawing the ice creme? " , "No the onlywith the wedding ring on, but I enjoy the way you may be thinking. " A Firm.... MoFo, Inc. Plank of Directors: T_Boone_Pickens, flamingo, some TBD (selection continual, yes really). Include those with a seat around the table: dontknowmuchatall, Emichels,, flamingo (seated at head of your table), grativo, Happy_Time_Harry, inno, Mr. McJesuson, silvertoof, sgi, T_Boone_Pickens, mrsodysseus, UnicornConsult, zig. Honorary bike seats (seated along border of room): principal points, -, Happy_Time_Harry Closed out: Ivory_Towel KingMoney_NYC grrrrrrg anon postersWait. contains a seat at the particular table AND some sort of along the perimeter belonging to the room? and they have? Glad to see TOOF still thereJealous ^You really are? SF_Starbucks should always be there She has become the best posters the following.of any few who recognizes current cultural trends from your woman's POV in addition to likes stocks. ^ contains a seat already. Top rated Harrington Jacket Hues that I have got.. Red (Baracuta). (Baracuta). Diamond (LL Bean). Brown lightly (LL Bean). Pink (LL Bean) Any specific questions? Oh a! Negged in only seconds... someone here carries with it an attitude! AND A POSSIBILITY MEEEEEE! emerald green is a color of the actual coming seasonThanks! But the truth is know, I'm just not a trendster.

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Dumb Question This will probably could be seen as a really brainless question but Appears wondering about this for a short time and thought I'd personally just throw it nowadays for everyone Gurus to gobble away and tell all of us how stupid My organization is. When you're forking out your CC payments. Does it generate an ounce of difference in the event you pay just a bit over what that you're min. payment need is? Or does a CC company still notice as YOU'RE A beetle gardening japanese beetle gardening japanese good LOSER, YOU STILL INCLUDE $K LEFT TO COVER AND YOU'RE GETTING A PAYMENT NEAR TO THE MIN. amount credited? Be kind. I'm a broke college student wanting to build some credit ranking. Actually they'd really like you if you merely kept making bare minimum payments because meaning that for every last $ they bring you, they'd get back together $ in appeal t seals rubber stamps seals rubber stamps o. What they value is your capacity to pay them back sometime soon. As long while they think you're suitable for it, they'd loveto owe them wherever possible.

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Tabloids in Salt Sea City endorse... LOLz. SL Tribune is certainly -Mormon. No surpriseIIRC, any SLC market has basiy the mormon paper and also non mormon documents, and this would be the non mormon paperExactly. Deseret Current information is Mormon paper and SL Tribune might be -mormon. May I add more your to the internet home business summary? I've been taking notes from folk posting in this newsgroup summarizing Internet home business tidbits, hopefully without just like zillions of spammers. Your post looks authentic since the device certainly makes impression. Look at together with tell me considerably more than simply should add your. selectavision,, trunk going asap selectavision, enclosed varies of toons to dragon slayer, lunchtime club to rugged. antique trunk large size holds all. item must go asap. cash on hand, atm close by. take item as is, you pickup. PostingID: ***Show individuals your tits My organization is backk... Hello there roomies, missed ya, I was face to face board until november of property and after working for months I are back and happy to encourage people that having a job isn't that hard and the it takes determination. Hello to amadine and panda. Oh gosh, I think I'm going to Seeking Commercial Kitchen's in West Houston Hello. I'm a c ering businessman seeking a professional kitchen to rent every day art cnc cut art cnc cut in West Los angeles. If you have a restaurant and don't mind renting your kitchen off-hours for supplemental income, let me learn. My office set in Venice, so the closer, the better: ).